A little bit about me:

I'm an associate Marriage and Family Therapist. I tend to work more frequently with individuals, and have a deeper understanding of the individual, and the context of their relationships. 

My education & background: 

  • Undergraduate Degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia

  • Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University - Los Angeles.

  • Member of AAMFT (American Association of Marriage & Family Therapists) & SCAMFT (South Carolina Association of Marriage & Family Therapists).

Let's talk about you first...

I work with stressed out and overwhelmed people who appear to have it all together, and tend to over think or give until there's nothing left. There’s a tendency to place other people’s needs ahead of your own, limit yourself due to the fear of being judged or criticized, and in the process have lost the connection to yourself. 

Together we can create steps to help you find more peace and confidence...

This is a place where you can leave the many  masks you wear at the door; A place where you're invited to get real about your needs, desires, and struggles.  

I believe therapy works best when we work together, and you, the client, take an active role.  This is YOUR therapy, YOUR time, and I want YOU to get the most out of our time together. 


I know from my own path to wellness that the struggle is real with many ups and downs. It’s an individual journey, and by taking small manageable steps toward your goal you will begin to live the results you seek.

What you can expect...  

Embracing imperfection

Let’s face it: people are more drawn to those with flaws. They’re more real…more relatable. Not to mention, imperfection highlights our uniqueness (that’s a good thing). 



It’s can be extremely easy to show others compassion and kindness.  However we forget to treat ourselves the same way. Showing that same kindness and compassion to ourselves goes a long way.



It doesn’t need to be so serious all the time.  Laughter is good. 



Chances are you’re really good at finding fault with yourself or remembering those moments where something didn't go according to plan. 

Let’s explore your strengths.  We all have strengths...yes, even YOU. Using your innate strengths leads to empowerment and ultimately the shift that helps you to reach your goal.




Meet my zen-master, Louie.  A constant reminder to treat myself to self-care time and to stop and smell the flowers...or the salty air. 

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