Group Therapy

Why Group Therapy
  • It busts the myth that you alone are struggling with an issue and no one would truly understand. 

  • It provides support, feedback, and connection from people who have lived different experiences, and yet find themselves in a similar situation.  Everyone has something to teach, and everyone has something to learn.

  • There's a unique opportunity to tune into your feelings in real-time while you're interacting with others, as well as the opportunity to share what's coming up in the moment.

  • It's an opportunity to learn how you relate to other people. You're able to witness your communication style and better understand how you react to others. 

  • It's a safe space to try out new behaviors and receive feedback. 

Current Groups
Live Your Best Life
Women's Group

Limited to 5 group members

Length of Group:  6 weeks

Investment:  $60 per week or

$50/per week if paid in full ($80 savings)

Start Date:  November 4, 2019 -December 17, 2019

Day & Time:  Mondays @ Noon or

                        Tuesdays @ 5:30pm

Groups meet for 60 minutes 

You're a smart woman, so you're probably wondering why it is you feel so incredibly stuck.

This group was designed to help smart women like you gain clarity within the places you feel stuck.  Together, with like-minded women, expect to:


  • Explore how you may be getting in your own way & limiting self-beliefs

  • Learn how to clear the stumbling blocks that are preventing you from moving forward

  • Discuss self-confidence and why action is important

  • Learn self-care and self-compassion tips

  • Dive into mindfulness & meditation

  • Take Action

Reconnect to Your True Self
Women's Group 

Limited to 5 group members

Length of Group:  6 weeks

Investment:  $60 per week or

$50/per week if paid in full ($80 savings)

Start Date:  November 5, 2019 -December 19, 2019

Day & Time: Tuesdays @ Noon or

                       Thursdays @ 5:30

Groups meet for 60 minutes

You admire, and are maybe a little jealous of the women who appear to have it all together. They're confident, don't care what other people think about them, and in general seem to not experience a single struggle. You may be wondering how you can live your life more confidently.


This group was designed to help women who want to: 

  • Feel more confident and competent in life, with your family, at work, or wherever you're feeling less than

  • Increase self-esteem

  • Stop living on the sidelines and become an active participant in your own life

  • Relate to overthinking in a new way

  • Set and enforce boundaries

  • Reconnect with yourself

  • Get real about your self-imposed expectations 

  • Discuss your wants, needs, and desires

  • Stop feeling responsible for everyone's feelings

  • Take Action

*So you're interested.  Now what? Please contact me or sign up directly online for a free 20-minute consultation.  You can access both options by clicking on the signup button above. This will allow us to meet, I can answer all of your questions, and you can decide if this group thing is for you.


Take care.

**Group Therapy is not a substitute for individual therapy. If you are currently in therapy, it is my suggestion that you continue that relationship. Individual therapy will give you an opportunity to further process and discuss the happenings of group therapy in a one-on-one setting. 

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