Couples Therapy

Here you are again, in the same place…having the same arguments. How did it come to this?

Nothing seems to change. There was a time when you and your partner were able to talk, to share opinions, but now there are too many hurt feelings. Arguments never seem to get resolved, instead they're buried with the hope they're forgotten, so you can just move on.


You don’t want to give up on your relationship, but at the same time, you’re tired of feeling this way. You feel like you’re the one doing all of the workYou’re the responsible one in the relationship. If you don’t do it, then it will not get done


But, when you confront your partner, they become more distant and shut down. It seems as though they don’t even care. So you continue to pick up the pieces becoming more and more resentful.  


Feeling Disconnected

The truth is, there’s a divide, a vast disconnect, where there was once a connection. Your relationship feels one-sided. You’re angry and resentful of your partner’s lack of responsiveness. 


You’ve started to feel unimportant and not valued by your partner.  You feel so alone, even when you’re in the same room. You’re longing for an emotional connection. You’ve both changed and lost the passion you once had.


Now you’re questioning if you even know your partner, and you're half-heartedly questioning if this relationship can even be repaired. Whether your situation was a gradual undoing or a defining moment, something needs to change.

For a time things get better – there’s a glimmer of hope something could change. Then as quickly as it comes it goes, and you find yourself back in that same similar place. Saying just the right words the other wants to hear, but there's no follow-through. Then the cycle resumes, the more reassurance needed, the more distance received. 

Understandably, you don’t want to feel like this anymore. You want a partner that will hear you and meet you halfway instead of becoming distant. What if you could find peace and resolve? What if I told you, you can have a conversation that doesn’t lead to an argument? Or an argument that actually leads to a resolution?


Whether or not you decide to stay together, there’s a path to better understanding.

Why Therapy Works

  • Fosters a better understanding of one another

  • Learn to pause before reacting

  • Learn to be more present with your partner

  • Re-establishes a connection to yourself and your partner

  • Explores and build on the strengths of your relationship



Reasons to attend couples therapy:

  • You want to improve an aspect of your relationship

  • You want to dissolve your relationship

  • You want your relationship to work out

  • You want to foster a greater sense of connectedness to your partner

  • You want to make sure you're on the same page before you get more serious 

Common myths about couples therapy:  

  • You have to be married 

  • The goal is to save your marriage or partnership

  • The therapist will side with one partner over the other

What can you expect in couples therapy? 

  • To focus on a specific problem or goal 

  • Gain insight into your relationship dynamics 

  • An understanding of the roles each partner plays within the 

  • An opportunity to try out what you've learned

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